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We are excited to introduce you to Jake Nothing- Dance Swim Gym!

All the leotards in this collection are multi-functional! Everything is in a pre-order state. ONLY those that sell 20 pieces or more will get produced.  


As we grow Jake Nothing (with your help!) we want you all to be a part of the design selection process. Each developing style will be part of a campaign and will only move forward if there is enough interest expressed (this way we can make what our customers wantto see and try to avoid styles that don't have enough interest). Items purchased that do not move forward to production will be refunded with in 24 hours.

Pre-order pricing: 
1 for $39 (with code Leo1)
2 for $70 (with code Leo2)
3 for $99 (with code Leo3) **purchases of more than 3 will be calculated at the same discount


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